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We are delighted to partner with Beds for Backs - The first Bed Retailer to design, manufacture and create beds and bases that allows you to sleep supporting your natural body alignment for improved health and rejuvenation.

Specific designs offer a large range suited to individual needs and carefully select only those beds and mattresses that are designed to suit the varying needs of our clients including:

- Reduced back pain
- Improved posture
- Decreased peak pressure on hips and shoulders
- Spinal alignment
- Comfort levels
- Electric adjustable beds

The Pensive Health Group and Beds for Backs share a common goal, to contribute to the health and well being of our clients. As we understand the importance of spinal health, we are very pleased to be partnering with Beds for Backs - Yarraville.

For more information on Beds for Backs contact the Yarraville store on 03 9314 2550 or visit