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Chiropractor Kensington

The team at Pensive Health Group have experienced chiropractors situated in Flemington who can work with locals in Kensington to not just alleviate their current pain or mobility issues but aim to implement long term plans and strategies for their health. Our chiropractors can work with you to alleviate musculoskeletal pain through their extensive experience working with a wide range of clients who suffer from a range of disorders and conditions.


Our chiropractors address areas of your body that are not functioning as intended and restore them back to their correct function. While our bodies are not in sync this can lead to back and neck pain but can also lead to associated issues with shoulders, knees, hips, feet or headaches which cause us constant discomfort while at work or out enjoying sporting activities. Areas of dysfunction can greatly influence the mechanics of other areas within your body, therefore it is important to not only address the area of complaint but all the associated factors. This is why seeing a chiropractor and getting the right kind of care is key to enjoying a mobile, active lifestyle.


Chiro located in Flemington, servicing Kensington and surrounding Melbourne suburbs


If you are looking for a quality chiro situated just ten minutes from Kensington, Pensive Health Group is your go-to. With flexible office hours and experienced staff, the chiropractic services offered at our clinic are designed to help alleviate and treat pain that may affect your ability to get on with your daily tasks.


Living in northern Victoria? Visit our chiropractic wellness centre located in Cobram.  


We work with a wide variety of patients to pinpoint the pain they are experiencing, with the aim to eventually eliminate it completely.


Our chiropractors can treat a range of complications and issues including:

-          Back pain

-          Headaches

-          Hip pain

-          Poor posture

-          Office posture related tension

-          Mobility issues


Using HLVA maneuvers, mobility exercises, mechanically assisted techniques and soft tissue work means that our chiropractors can create a holistic approach to your health. Not only will we address areas of pain but we will also increase your mobility and strength for lasting results.


If you are looking for a chiropractor in Kensington or Flemington to work with you to reduce your pain or concerns then give the team a call on (03) 9078 7038 to see how we can help or book an appointment. You can also contact us by filling in the form below and requesting a call for more information on our services.

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